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July is vacation month for us. For me, the ideal vacation book is a suspenseful page-turner, something I don’t mind reading for hours on end by the pool or on the beach. Or it’s something light and romantic, preferably set in an exotic location or another time. I haven’t yet picked out my vacation reading […]

This month, I concentrated on reading science fiction and fantasy written by women. My selections ran the gamut from historical fantasy to post-apocalyptic dystopia to feminist speculative fiction to near-future science fiction. I didn’t get to read all five of my selections (Ammonite was the one I didn’t get to), but I’m not going to stop reading […]

Originally posted on Shannon Turlington:
In a recent post, I discussed trying to read books written by women. This led me to consider which women authors I would recommend, and I came up with a list of books by women that I think are entertaining and enlightening reads. Of course, I am not the only…

I’m starting a new experiment, which I’m calling 5 books. Each month I pick a theme and then try to read up to 5 books that fit the theme.* (I’ve figured out that 5 books is about the most I can read in a month, unless I’m reading particularly short books or am on vacation […]

Scariest Books


Recently, I was pondering the scariest books I’ve read. Here’s the short list I came up with. The Haunting of Hill House, The Shining, and Heart-Shaped Box definitely make my list of scariest books for the way they work relentlessly on your brain, building the fear gradually to a fever pitch. I would also add Rosemary’s Baby to that list, […]

Stephen King is my favorite writer. If you’d like to tackle his huge oeuvre, here are a couple of ways to approach him, based on loose connections between the works. If you like Stephen King as much as I do, you might want to follow my All Stephen King board on Pinterest. Dark Tower-Related Books […]

I’ve been playing with this site: What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you. Type in the name of a book you like and the site recommends similar books to read. Results vary depending on the popularity of the book, but it’s fun to see what comes up.


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