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Stephen King is my favorite writer. If you’d like to tackle his huge oeuvre, here are a couple of ways to approach him, based on loose connections between the works. If you like Stephen King as much as I do, you might want to follow my All Stephen King board on Pinterest. Dark Tower-Related Books […]

I’ve been playing with this site: What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you. Type in the name of a book you like and the site recommends similar books to read. Results vary depending on the popularity of the book, but it’s fun to see what comes up.

Originally posted on Shannon Turlington:
I realized with the first two reads of the year, I have an accidental theme going on: reptiles in my fiction! With Swamplandia! it was alligators; then there is a snake in The Burn Palace. Our upcoming book club read is set in Texas, so I wonder if a lizard will figure into…

I love book lists. What reader doesn’t? Although who actually reads all the books on a book list before getting distracted and moving on to something else? Like perusing more book lists! I have been thinking about my upcoming reading for the next year and looking at a lot of book lists. Some of my favorite discoveries […]

It’s the book list that keeps changing: all-time favorite books. I love to find out what people’s favorite books are because often, the favorites are ones that reach you on multiple levels. They make you think, they make you laugh or cry, and they linger with you long after you close the cover. They have […]

Continuing my impromptu series of lists of required genre reading, we come to fantasy. I have to admit that fantasy is not my favorite genre, and I haven’t read it as extensively as I have read science fiction, for instance. I have tried to read a lot of the classics in the genre, though. I’ve […]

I’m fascinated by this list over on LibraryThing: Classics you know you should have read but probably haven’t. Periodically, in a fit of self-improvement, I vow to read more classics. And I do, for a while. Then something new and shiny catches my attention, and I ignore the classics again. But I keep returning to […]

I enjoy historical fiction for the same reasons I enjoy science fiction and fantasy–I like to immerse myself in another time and place. While I like to sample different times and places through fiction, I do find myself returning to certain eras; World War II-era stories, the early 20th century in Britain, and historical fiction […]

Just for fun, and because I mentioned in my review of Doctor Sleep that The Shining was one of my top-5 favorite Stephen King novels, I thought I’d post the full list. And yes, there is a list for that at LibraryThing, where several readers have weighed in on their top 5 to create an all-time best Stephen […]

I had so much fun compiling the Required Apocalyptic Fiction list that I decided to put together a Required Science Fiction list as well. This was much more challenging because science fiction is obviously a broader subject area. There are over 150 books on my list of personal favorites alone. Beloved books are bound to […]

The government shutdown has put me in the mood for a good apocalypse! So I present a required reading list for the apocalypse. How many have you read? This top 10 list of apocalyptic fiction — that is, fiction that takes place during or after the collapse of human civilization — is based on a […]

Depressing books: wallow in them or avoid? I tend to avoid, although every now and then I’ll take one on. Then I have to read happier stuff for a while. I have read 50% of this list–I agree that they are all very depressing–and do not intend to read the other half: AbeBooks: Bleak Books – […]

I spent all morning researching and writing this answer to the Quora question: What 20th-century novel has been most influential in shaping mindsets and changing lives? So I thought I’d share my answer here as well. It is hard to pick just one novel, but I think that 1984 by George Orwell is the most influential novel of the […]

While pondering this question on Quora — What is your list of must-read fiction books? – I came up with a list of 10 books that I consider must-reads from both contemporary and classic literature. To my surprise, the books sorted naturally into themed pairs, and of course, that suggested further books that should be […]

I enjoy reading alternate history, although not the most common kind, which posits alternate endings to battles or wars. This has been a good reference for me to find reading material: Uchronia: The Alternate History List. It’s a massive list of 3100 works of alternate history. That should keep me busy reading for a while!

Settle into your summer reading with one of these epic novels. Summer is the perfect time to wade into a really big book. You know the books I mean, the kind that can double as a door stopper for a recalcitrant screen door or a small table to hold your drink on the beach. Most […]

Currently, I am reading Neal Stephenson‘s Anathem. This is a big, absorbing read that requires slow going, as there is new vocabulary to learn and lots of metaphysical discussion. It is set in another world similar to, but also very different, from our own. The plot also concerns alternate universes, as a spaceship containing visitors […]

I have this little project going to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction. This is not by any means my only goal in life at the moment. I’m reading the books in dribs and drabs, as I manage to get my hands on a copy through BookMooch or the used bookstore. But […]

I enjoy reading science fiction about dystopian futures as much as I enjoy post-apocalyptic science fiction, and for similar reasons. These are both great “what if?” questions that many good writers have tackled at some point. They also serve as useful warnings, imagining what our own society can turn into if we don’t remain vigilant. […]

With summer’s end and the long, cold days ahead of us, I think now is a good time to get cerebral. There is a certain type of fiction that is more concerned with the mental and emotional lives of the characters than with the mechanics of plot. This category of novel could be termed psychological […]


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