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In a future America, a few centuries after a mysterious “Storm” has wiped out most human life on Earth, Natasha works the Office of Mercy, which is charged with euthanizing any humans our animals Outside to spare them the suffering of being alive. This is an interesting fist novel from Ariel Djanikian. It’s a quick, […]

There’s the story, then there’s the real story, then there’s the story of how the story came to be told. Then there’s what you leave out of the story. Which is part of the story too. MaddAddam is the final book in Margaret Atwood’s post-apocalyptic trilogy, following Oryx and Crake and The Year of the […]

The government shutdown has put me in the mood for a good apocalypse! So I present a required reading list for the apocalypse. How many have you read? This top 10 list of apocalyptic fiction — that is, fiction that takes place during or after the collapse of human civilization — is based on a […]

After nuclear war devastates the United States, the survivors in a small Florida town must work together to rebuild civilization in the first post-apocalyptic tale of the nuclear age. In rereading Alas, Babylon, I find that it holds up very well as a post-apocalyptic survival story. It is very much a product of its time, […]

The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death; he could hear them squealing as only happy children do. The Wool books, collected here in one issue, are clearly a product of the new age we’re living in. They were originally¬†self-published as a series of e-books, heavily marketed on Amazon toward Kindle users. Because […]

It goes by many names: “The Crisis,” “The Dark Years,” “The Walking Plague,” as well as newer and more “hip” titles such as “World War Z” or “Z War One.” I have always been skeptical of zombie books, as I think zombies are one monster better suited to the screen. Their sheer numbers and relentlessness […]

Give people hope, and you could make them do just about anything. And not just your average, everyday kind of hope–for food or clothes or the absence of pain or good suburban schools or low down payments with easy financing. What people needed was a hope beyond the visible world, the world of the body […]


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