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The government shutdown has put me in the mood for a good apocalypse! So I present a required reading list for the apocalypse. How many have you read? This top 10 list of apocalyptic fiction — that is, fiction that takes place during or after the collapse of human civilization — is based on a […]

As I wrote recently, I have been thinking a lot about genre as I have undergone a massive project to reclassify and catalogue my books on LibraryThing. That project is pretty much done (I hope), and out of it emerged a genre classification system that suits me very well. My thinking has evolved since I […]

Everybody’s doing ‘em. Here’s what I’ve observed. The most buzzed about book is obviously Justin Cronin‘s The Passage. It certainly asks for a commitment. Not only does it weigh in at almost 800 pages, it is the first in a trilogy. But it seems to have it all: the apocalypse, vampires, the endorsement of everybody […]

Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations has reprinted another of my reading lists. This time it’s my popular fiction survival guide for after the apocalypse. Head over and check it out, and while you’re there, look around. You’ll find plenty of reading suggestions there. Related articles by Zemanta Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations is seeking lists for book […]

Between the movie 2012 and the actual year 2012 looming on the horizon, global warming summits and Viggo Mortensen heading down The Road, the apocalypse has been on a lot of minds lately. But if you’re one of the (un)lucky ones to survive the actual big event, then what should you do? As usual, we […]

Ok, my “to read” pile is out of control. I have one shelf in my bedroom that’s designated as a “to read” shelf. Ever since I discovered BookMooch, though, the contents of that shelf have spilled off the end and created a pile next to it that’s almost as tall as the bookcase. My husband, […]


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