Best Living Science Fiction Writer?


If you like science fiction, you might be interested in this question on Quora: Who is the best living science fiction author and what is his/her best book? Some interesting picks here. My vote was for Ursula K. Le Guin, and I think her best book is The Left Hand of Darkness, but all of her books are great. Who would your choice be?

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7 Responses to “Best Living Science Fiction Writer?”

  1. I agree completely. The Left Hand of Darkness is in my top three sci-fi books of all time — I think Robert SIlverberg ranks up there as well… Hawksbill Station, Thorns, The World Inside, A Time of Changes, The Stochastic Man, etc etc etc — the masterpieces are endless in number (alebit, along with a lot of crud).

  2. I haven’t read any Silverberg. Recommend a good title to get started with?

  3. He’s a very problematic author — he can be virulently misogynist. However, the ones I listed above stay away from that to a good degree. I loved Hawksbill Station, The Tower of Glass, and The World Inside.

    I have reviews of two of those if you’re interested (and a bunch of other lesser Silverberg works). Here’s the list.

  4. Oh, I forgot — Downward to the Earth is also a darn good read…

  5. Thanks. I am never surprised to see misogyny in science fiction, although I have to admit, I don’t much like to read it. But I will try any author once.

  6. I agree with you completely — in a 40s/50s work I tend to vaguely tolerate it considering the time — however 60s and on get really angry…. But Silverberg is considered one of the greats so you should definitely read at least a few of his most famous.

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