July Brings Beach Books


July is vacation month for us. For me, the ideal vacation book is a suspenseful page-turner, something I don’t mind reading for hours on end by the pool or on the beach. Or it’s something light and romantic, preferably set in an exotic location or another time. I haven’t yet picked out my vacation reading for this year, although I have several candidates on the “to read” pile, including the latest Stephen King. But here are my top 5 picks for vacation reading culled from my past reads. What are yours?


1. The Ruins by Scott Smith: This is the ideal vacation book. You won’t be able to put it down, it’s set in exotic Mexico among Mayan ruins, and the characters in it are also on vacation!

2. Bag of Bones by Stephen King: King’s big potboilers are tailor-made for beach reading. If you missed this one, it’s a steamy, spooky ghost story set at a summer home on a Maine lake.

3. Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore: It’s set on a South Pacific island, it’s funny, it’s got a lot of action, it’s a perfect vacation read.

4. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen: A historical setting, a romantic story, and lots of action make this a great candidate for reading by the pool.

5. Little Children by Tom Perrotta: A long, hot summer in suburbia.

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2 Responses to “July Brings Beach Books”

  1. I’m going to differ about “The Ruins.” I know that part of Mexico and Scott Smith does not begin to bring it alive. The plot was poorly done and I struggled to finish it. I Try to support other writers, but I would take a pass on that one.

  2. Certainly I can understand disliking a book when you know more about the subject than the author does. I thought it was a pageturner, which is all I ask for from a vacation book.


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