Rivers by Michael Farris Smith

16130400What it’s about: In the near future, climate change and perpetual storms have forced the US government to abandon the Gulf Coast, and those who remain live without laws or services. Cohen stayed on the wrong side of the Line, as it’s called, after losing his wife and unborn daughter. Now he lives in isolation except for a dog and a horse in the unrelenting rain on the Mississippi coast. But everything changes when he is carjacked by a couple of teenagers, who then rob his house.

Why I liked it: This was a beautifully written book. Michael Farris Smith’s style reminds me of Cormac McCarthy, yet even though this is definitely apocalyptic fiction, it doesn’t seem as bleak or as cynical as McCarthy’s work. This plot does not go the way you might expect. It’s really a story about reconnecting and discovering the importance of connections even when everything seems lost. There also some twists and turns, a couple of surprises, an exciting climax and a quietly moving ending. I loved this book and was so glad I discovered it quite by chance.

You might like this book if: You enjoyed The Road, World Made By Hand, The Dog Stars or similar literary apocalyptic fiction.


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