The End Is Nigh edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey

The_End_is_NighWhat it’s about: This is the first volume in a “triptych” of anthologies of apocalypse-themed stories; in this volume, all of the stories take place just before an apocalypse, while in the next two volumes, connected stories by the same authors will take place during and after the apocalypse.

Why I liked it: It’s a neat premise, and the writing is pretty solid throughout. There were many fresh takes on the apocalypse incorporating present-day technology, as well as unusual epidemics and alien invasions, that helped this anthology feel fresh and not like it was retreading ideas already done to death, so to speak. My favorite stories were by Tananarive Due and Desirana Boskovich. My quibble is that because of the overarching idea, many of the stories seemed unfinished or like first acts in a play, rather than standing on their own. I recommend getting all three volumes and reading them back-to-back.

Who might like this: Fans of apocalyptic fiction.

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