Three Sequels

I don’t often read series. I don’t like commitment, at least when it comes to reading. I like one-night stands with lots of different authors. I don’t want to get tied down.

So I surprised myself by reading not one, but three sequels in the past few couple of weeks–all middle books in a trilogy. And I can recommend all of them!

Ancillary_Sword_Orbit_coverAncillary Sword by Ann Leckie: I read Ancillary Justice way back last fall, and to be honest, I forgot a lot of the details, so I felt a little lost diving back into this complex universe. This could almost be standalone novel, though, except for the mystery left hanging at the ending. I dug the character development and the space station setting, and I’m now eagerly awaiting the final installment, Ancillary Mercy, due in October.

515EOHP5KfL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Finders Keepers by Stephen King: I actually liked the follow-up to last summer’s crime novel Mr. Mercedes even better. That’s because it’s about readers and how obsessed we can get with our favorite books, writers, and characters. It’s also a page-turner — just what you’d expect from King.


Authority by Jeff VanderMeer: Wow! I tore through Annihilation just a month ago, and the sequel did not disappoint me. It’s very different in terms of character and style of book, but just as disquieting, atmospheric and weird. Also, there’s this one part… Well, let’s just say I yelped when I read it. Already got the last book, Acceptance, on hold at the library.

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