State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

State_of_Wonder_bookcoverWhat it’s about: After learning that her colleague has died of a “fever” in the Amazon jungle, Dr. Marina Singh follows in his footsteps to learn more about the cause of his death and locate the reclusive Doctor Annick Swenson, who is developing a miracle fertility drug.

Why I liked it: This book was beautifully written and totally immersive. For the too-brief time I was reading it, I felt transported to the Amazon jungle along with Marina. I don’t want to say much about the plot, because part of the joy of reading this is the process of discovering the story and becoming more and more caught up in it. Patchett has wonderfully captured the unsettling sensation of becoming submersed into an entirely alien world. Her writing is so vivid that it is almost cinematic, and I think this would make a wonderful movie.

You might like it if: You enjoyed reading other books that take you to exotic locales, with an undercurrent of darkness, such as The People in the Trees or The Poisonwood Bible.


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