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This month, I concentrated on reading science fiction and fantasy written by women. My selections ran the gamut from historical fantasy to post-apocalyptic dystopia to feminist speculative fiction to near-future science fiction. I didn’t get to read all five of my selections (Ammonite was the one I didn’t get to), but I’m not going to stop reading […]

We didn’t notice right away. We did not sense at first the extra time, bulging from the smooth edge of each day like a tumor blooming beneath skin. An interesting side effect of having a Kindle is that I’m finding it more difficult to identify books intended for children or young adults before I start […]

I like to divide the world of stories up into geographical regions, and I only  like to tag a story with a region if the story seems significant in understanding that area of the world, both because the author comes from there and the story is firmly set there. It’s hard for me to classify […]

As I wrote recently, I have been thinking a lot about genre as I have undergone a massive project to reclassify and catalogue my books on LibraryThing. That project is pretty much done (I hope), and out of it emerged a genre classification system that suits me very well. My thinking has evolved since I […]

Recently, I have been reorganizing my books and re-cataloguing them in LibraryThing, which led me to think about genre. Some readers dismiss genre as a marketing tool, and they may have a point, but I personally love the idea of genre. Each genre has its own toolbox, so to speak, and I like knowing what […]

While pondering this question on Quora — What is your list of must-read fiction books? — I came up with a list of 10 books that I consider must-reads from both contemporary and classic literature. To my surprise, the books sorted naturally into themed pairs, and of course, that suggested further books that should be […]

I like Margaret Atwood a lot, but I think this reviewer is on target in this review of her retrospective on science fiction. Atwood is still a bit too snippy about distinguishing the genres for my tastes. The reviewer also correctly identifies one distinction: While Atwood may favor a philosophy of leaving well enough alone, […]


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