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July is vacation month for us. For me, the ideal vacation book is a suspenseful page-turner, something I don’t mind reading for hours on end by the pool or on the beach. Or it’s something light and romantic, preferably set in an exotic location or another time. I haven’t yet picked out my vacation reading […]

This month, I concentrated on reading science fiction and fantasy written by women. My selections ran the gamut from historical fantasy to post-apocalyptic dystopia to feminist speculative fiction to near-future science fiction. I didn’t get to read all five of my selections (Ammonite was the one I didn’t get to), but I’m not going to stop reading […]

I’m starting a new experiment, which I’m calling 5 books. Each month I pick a theme and then try to read up to 5 books that fit the theme.* (I’ve figured out that 5 books is about the most I can read in a month, unless I’m reading particularly short books or am on vacation […]

I love book lists. What reader doesn’t? Although who actually reads all the books on a book list before getting distracted and moving on to something else? Like perusing more book lists! I have been thinking about my upcoming reading for the next year and looking at a lot of book lists. Some of my favorite discoveries […]

It’s the book list that keeps changing: all-time favorite books. I love to find out what people’s favorite books are because often, the favorites are ones that reach you on multiple levels. They make you think, they make you laugh or cry, and they linger with you long after you close the cover. They have […]

Continuing my impromptu series of lists of required genre reading, we come to fantasy. I have to admit that fantasy is not my favorite genre, and I haven’t read it as extensively as I have read science fiction, for instance. I have tried to read a lot of the classics in the genre, though. I’ve […]

I’m fascinated by this list over on LibraryThing: Classics you know you should have read but probably haven’t. Periodically, in a fit of self-improvement, I vow to read more classics. And I do, for a while. Then something new and shiny catches my attention, and I ignore the classics again. But I keep returning to […]


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